Taking care of the demands of our customers and with a sustainable vision of the surfaces that we cultivate, Tigernuts Traders began to apply techniques of organic farming of the Tigernuts, being the pioneers to follow these guidelines.

The demand for organic crops and food that is not genetically modified is continuously growing and to this we contribute with our organic certified Tigernuts farms.

Organic farming and its benefits

Organic farming is what is called a food production system whose main objectives are the health of the ecosystem and the sustainable growth of the local communities where the crop is located. For this, this cultivation process is carried out taking care of the biological cycles and respecting the biological diversity of the soil where these crops are planted.

This process brings with it a series of benefits such as the increase of the quality of the organically grown products, the conservation of natural resources to be able to continue to use them without damaging them, as well as the elimination of toxic products such as insecticides and the reduction of transport and storage of these foods.

Organic Tigernuts and their benefits

Today almost all crops can be grown organically. The Tigernut is a tuber that has been used in cultures such as the Egyptian and has been included in the diet of many civilizations for its healing and regenerative properties.

Organic Tigernuts represent a total improvement of this tuber because growing them like this make them healthier and they become a delicacy that you cannot resist.

In addition, the environmental impact is reduced, there is no genetic manipulation so it regains its original flavour. Moreover, the fauna and flora of the place they are grown in, is respected and cared for.

All the organic Tigernuts that Tigernuts Traders offers you are certified organic by official bodies accredited worldwide.